Gyeongju, Korea

Mary had the right guess with Korea!  The building  I showed is the exhibition hall from the World Culture Expo Park in Gyeongju, Korea.  The central cutout shape reproduces the Hwangnyongsa Buddhist temple, which was built in the 7th century by the rulers of the Silla Kingdom.  The temple itself was made entirely of wood… Continue reading Gyeongju, Korea

I made some new friends

Last year was a year of many changes for me.  My son headed off for college, I started a new job, and at the end of November, I completed a 15 year term of service on an international board that had required considerable travel, just to mention a few.  The cumulative effect has been much… Continue reading I made some new friends

Glimpses: Lijiang, Yunnan, China

I spent last week visiting some community based organizations in Yunnan, and stayed in the Old City in Lijiang, far north in Yunnan Province.   Yunnan is known for its many ethnic minorities, many of which are matriarchal.  I find the dynamics in the villages to be different from those in the north which are traditionally… Continue reading Glimpses: Lijiang, Yunnan, China

A Quilting Post is Coming

But not yet.  I actually have finished the center of my rattlesnake quilt, but I haven't figured out what to do for the inner borders.  In the meantime though: While I was in Japan last week, we went to one of the main birthplaces of Ninjutsu, the art of stealth (Ninjas!), Iga. There are two… Continue reading A Quilting Post is Coming

I still live!

As some of you may remember (if there is anyone who remembers this blog at all!), in August I started a new job teaching at the University of Hong Kong.  While a quiet month to get used to the new job would have been ideal, the fates had quite a different month in mind.  In… Continue reading I still live!

Binding Underway!

After arriving back home in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I spent the rest of the day finishing the quilting on Which Way Do I Go, trying to recover from lack of sleep, and nursing the toe I broke two days before I left the US (seriously bad timing -- I had to manage… Continue reading Binding Underway!