The Ideal Destination…for Mice?

My Rattlesnake quilt has been calling to me, but so far I have no really had time to work on it at all.  I am almost there though!  I had two China trips this month, and have an intensive week of classes coming up, but once that is done, it will be quilting time! In… Continue reading The Ideal Destination…for Mice?

Meanwhile, here in Japan

My flight over was re-routed to avoid the volcanic eruption in Kuchinoerabu.  Tonight over dinner, many miles from the volcano,  in Tokyo, there was an earthquake that shook the restaurant enough that Japanese friends went to open the restaurant door, just in case we needed to get out quickly.  Then, as I walked through Shinjuku,… Continue reading Meanwhile, here in Japan

Words and the Serendipity of the Internet

Since picking up quilting again, I spend time every day (probably too much time!) browsing quilt-related blogs.  I enjoy many more posts and quilts than I comment on.    But when I do comment, I find myself repeating the same words and phrases.  Beautiful! Gorgeous! Striking!  Where is that vocabulary I supposedly developed at college?  Where… Continue reading Words and the Serendipity of the Internet