Two Potential Projects

Dawn to Dusk is folded and sitting on a table, waiting for me to get back to it, but I have two additional projects calling my name.  The first is my ruler quilting project.  I wanted something simple so I could experiment with the rulers I bought, so I started digging through scraps and orphan… Continue reading Two Potential Projects

Merry Christmas

Wishing a joyous and peaceful holiday for all! The pictures are from the Sanzen Temple outside Kyoto.  I was there earlier this month and loved its serenity.   Hoping that serenity can be carried forward into the new year!  In the top left photo you can see where people have tied their hopes and prayers for… Continue reading Merry Christmas

A Quilting Post is Coming

But not yet.  I actually have finished the center of my rattlesnake quilt, but I haven't figured out what to do for the inner borders.  In the meantime though: While I was in Japan last week, we went to one of the main birthplaces of Ninjutsu, the art of stealth (Ninjas!), Iga. There are two… Continue reading A Quilting Post is Coming

Glimpses and Random Musings: Maiko in Japan

Last month I posted a series of pictures from my trip to Japan, but there was one set of pictures that I did not get a chance to post -- a few pictures taken during a fleeting encounter with Maiko, or apprentice Geisha. Many people outside of Japan are familiar with Geisha primarily from images… Continue reading Glimpses and Random Musings: Maiko in Japan

Meanwhile, here in Japan

My flight over was re-routed to avoid the volcanic eruption in Kuchinoerabu.  Tonight over dinner, many miles from the volcano,  in Tokyo, there was an earthquake that shook the restaurant enough that Japanese friends went to open the restaurant door, just in case we needed to get out quickly.  Then, as I walked through Shinjuku,… Continue reading Meanwhile, here in Japan

Another Quilt at Home

I am home again and quilting, but more on that on Wednesday.  Today I just wanted to briefly share some pictures my son sent me of the quilt I made for the family he has been staying with in its new home, with its new family.  You've already seen quite a lot of this sweet… Continue reading Another Quilt at Home

Kyoto: More Bits and Pieces

One of the things we did in Kyoto was to take a traditional pottery class.  It was great fun!  If the chance ever arises, that's a hobby I would love to pick up.  Those are our rather misshapen cups.  They will glaze and fire them and ship them off to us, so we should get… Continue reading Kyoto: More Bits and Pieces