2015 Finish Along Q2 Finishes and Q3 Goals

The Internet Gods conspired against me during the 2015 Q2 Finish Along Party.  The party came online in the hectic days before I left on my current trip, then the place I am staying, which was supposed to have internet provided, did not have it.  It has been 4 days of running around trying to… Continue reading 2015 Finish Along Q2 Finishes and Q3 Goals

Which Way Do I Go?

My flying geese quilt top is basically finished. I was originally going to add a small border, per this design below from EQ.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough of the blue/green fabrics and did not like the look in other fabrics I did have enough of, so it will stay unbordered.  Instead, I have decided… Continue reading Which Way Do I Go?

Work is in Progress 6/3/15

Before I left on my trip to Japan, I had worked out a great system for sewing together the columns for my Flying Geese quilt so they would not get out of order and seams would, for the most part, be pressed so they would nest with the next column's blocks.  It was simple chain… Continue reading Work is in Progress 6/3/15

Geese Take Flight: Work in Progress Wednesday. On Wednesday Even!

Isn't that a great picture?  Curtis, a very amusing writer living on the tiny island of Mayotte , had an interesting contest in his blog, The Journey of a Blogvelist.  He posted a picture and had us guessing where the picture was.  Luckily he added clues and one of the clue pictures helped me identify… Continue reading Geese Take Flight: Work in Progress Wednesday. On Wednesday Even!

Work In Progress Wednesday (Brought to you on Thursday)

It has been a particularly busy month here.  I have been away 7 of the last 14 days, and for 11 of the 13 before that...Needless to say, sewing has been limited.  However, I now have a pile of 51 finished bordered diamond blocks: A pile of leftover strips calling to be used in something:… Continue reading Work In Progress Wednesday (Brought to you on Thursday)

Work in Progress Wednesday

I think I may just have let things get a bit out of hand.  I now have 41 diamonds and an additional 4 partially-pieced diamonds, and 6 inner diamonds waiting for borders, and possibly another few blocks or partial blocks hiding by the sewing machine.  Or on the kitchen peninsula cutting table.  Or on the… Continue reading Work in Progress Wednesday

ALYOF May Goal

There's really not much to see in the header pic, but it is the beginning of my A Lovely Year of Finishes goal for May. It is going to be a busy month (again), so I am choosing a fairly modest project.  In January, I started a thread sampler as part of The Inbox Jaunt's… Continue reading ALYOF May Goal

Finally Quilting Again

I don't have many pictures, but I am home and back to quilting.  Or rather piecing, though I have actual quilting planned for next week.  I love how easily I can make these blocks.  A little bit of time yesterday got me about 8 more blocks.  Here are some of the more recent ones. I… Continue reading Finally Quilting Again