Just a quick word

There has been a dearth of blogging lately, and also of quilting.  Other things have been taking up my time, including a great visit from a close friend and her husband and some traveling.  I will be back!  But in the meantime, I may be sharing some isolated pictures.  Today is Macau. Trying to get… Continue reading Just a quick word

The Ideal Destination…for Mice?

My Rattlesnake quilt has been calling to me, but so far I have no really had time to work on it at all.  I am almost there though!  I had two China trips this month, and have an intensive week of classes coming up, but once that is done, it will be quilting time! In… Continue reading The Ideal Destination…for Mice?

Glimpses of Home

One of the corners of Macau where traditional Portuguese architecture still can be found. By the way, some of you might be amused to know that it was the Banco Delta Asia (a branch of which is in one of the pictures) that was identified by the US government as laundering funds for North Korea… Continue reading Glimpses of Home