Glimpses and Random Musings: Maiko in Japan

Last month I posted a series of pictures from my trip to Japan, but there was one set of pictures that I did not get a chance to post -- a few pictures taken during a fleeting encounter with Maiko, or apprentice Geisha. Many people outside of Japan are familiar with Geisha primarily from images… Continue reading Glimpses and Random Musings: Maiko in Japan

Thoughts for Nepal

Some of you may remember that in January I spent a week in Nepal and shared photos of the beauty of Kathmandu and its architecture, and the inspiration I felt learning about community building efforts there.  Much of the area I photographed in January is now covered in rubble, and hour by hour the death… Continue reading Thoughts for Nepal

Words and the Serendipity of the Internet

Since picking up quilting again, I spend time every day (probably too much time!) browsing quilt-related blogs.  I enjoy many more posts and quilts than I comment on.    But when I do comment, I find myself repeating the same words and phrases.  Beautiful! Gorgeous! Striking!  Where is that vocabulary I supposedly developed at college?  Where… Continue reading Words and the Serendipity of the Internet

Blue Skies in Beijing

To fully appreciate how amazing the day is today, you have to see the pictures from my last visit to Beijing.  It was morning.  The sun was up and I was on my way to the airport.  I promise, the sun really was up. As we arrived at the terminal, it was as if it… Continue reading Blue Skies in Beijing

Random Musings: My Latest and Greatest Travel Mishap

I suppose it had to happen sometime.  That one late flight that leads to a cascade of unanticipated problems. Oh, I have had delayed flights over the years, plenty of those, but I can only think of one that actually caused me to have to stay overnight somewhere.  A few times I did arrive in… Continue reading Random Musings: My Latest and Greatest Travel Mishap

Musings and Stories: On Community, Youth, and Reverence

A bit of a warning:  This is long and there are no quilts involved! When I was out walking in Kathmandu with a colleague from India and another from Mongolia, we came across these two boys, sitting with their father selling plates made of Saal leaves.  My Indian colleague, who works here in Nepal, shared… Continue reading Musings and Stories: On Community, Youth, and Reverence