One Monthly Goal for September

Last month I managed to make my One Monthly Goal, but once again I missed posting the finish.  I should probably give up on trying to join goal setting parties, but I'll give it one more go. I would love to do more work on Dawn to Dusk, but my first priority this month is… Continue reading One Monthly Goal for September

August’s One Monthly Goal

I have been debating about a goal for August. My July goal was quite modest, just to finish the block centers for my current quilt.  I did that, finished all the blocks, and put together the top, so clearly July was more productive than expected.  Also, the project went well, which always boosts productivity! Unfortunately,… Continue reading August’s One Monthly Goal

Work in Progress and Goal Setting

It's time for July goal setting for the OMG (One Monthly Goal) linkup, and I am getting in under the wire.  My goal for this month is to finish all the block centers for my latest quilt, which has yet to get a name.  With any luck I will get a bit further than just… Continue reading Work in Progress and Goal Setting

My Goal Hasn’t Changed…

After learning that the A Lovely Year of Finishes linkup had closed, I was very happy to learn about the One Monthly Goal (OMG) linkup at Red Letter Quilts.  Setting a monthly goal and sharing it pushes me to finish up my project, or at least whatever stage I have set as a goal, and… Continue reading My Goal Hasn’t Changed…