Finish Along Q2 Has Ended….

This has definitely not been one of my more productive quarters!  I started with a list of only 3 goals, and I have only really more-or-less managed one of them, though I have started on the second!  When I set the goals, I thought the the one I would be most likely to complete would… Continue reading Finish Along Q2 Has Ended….

Finish Along 2016, Q2 Goal Setting

I really enjoyed last year's finish along, but when the goal party started for the first quarter this year, I completely missed it.  Luckily I have some time for quilting this quarter and some ideas of what I want to do.  A scrappy quilt in browns, greens and golds, to use the fabrics in my… Continue reading Finish Along 2016, Q2 Goal Setting

ALYOF May Goal

There's really not much to see in the header pic, but it is the beginning of my A Lovely Year of Finishes goal for May. It is going to be a busy month (again), so I am choosing a fairly modest project.  In January, I started a thread sampler as part of The Inbox Jaunt's… Continue reading ALYOF May Goal

Goals, Goals, Goals Everywhere!

It is goal setting time for both A Lovely Year of Finishes and the second quarter of the 2015 Finish Along.  When I joined the Finish Along in January, I had quite a few WIPs that could be finished up relatively quickly.  Now I am having a harder time coming up with goals I think… Continue reading Goals, Goals, Goals Everywhere!

My March Goals

March is here, and it is time to set another goal for my Lovely Year of Finishes.  This month my goal is fairly easy -- I'll finish up my Nightmare quilt (in the header) that is just waiting for binding.  Or a bit more quilting and then binding if I decide to add quilting to… Continue reading My March Goals

Random Musings and Plans: Another Step Forward?

Some of you may know that in January, I took part in Blogging 101 at WordPress's 'Blogging University'.  Blogging 101 was the cause of most of the improvements (at least to my eyes) in my blog, including the addition of pages, widgets, and the like.  It also brought me many new blogging friends and excellent… Continue reading Random Musings and Plans: Another Step Forward?

Plans Derailed

My plan to lure an unsuspecting minion into helping me baste two quilts has been derailed. As I was organizing for the day, I realized that while I have one quilt back prepared, the second quilt does not have a quilt back yet.  Some time ago, someone shared they make their quilt backs from Ikea… Continue reading Plans Derailed