Quilt Inspiration, January 2015: Some Color to Warm the Winter Air

I have been taking Blogging 101 at WordPress.com, and it has been a lot of fun.  Today's assignment, the last in the course, is to create a regular feature.  I've decided to do a regular quilt inspiration post, in the last week of every month.  Sometimes the emphasis will be color, other times quilting, sometimes… Continue reading Quilt Inspiration, January 2015: Some Color to Warm the Winter Air


Since I started quilting again a few months ago, my morning routine has a new element.  I sit on the couch, coffee in hand, and browse through quilting blogs and Pinterest posts imagining future quilts.  Soon there are multiple tabs open on my browser, each containing one -- or several -- pictures of inspiring quilts.   … Continue reading Voices

Glimpses of Nepal: Quilt Inspiration in Architecture

Nepal has a rich tradition of wood work.  Traditionally, doors and windows were decorated with intricate carvings (at least among the more well off), and pillars and supports as well.  The king would identify the best carvers and they would be asked to carve for royal buildings, but had to agree to never repeat the… Continue reading Glimpses of Nepal: Quilt Inspiration in Architecture

One Time Underwater: Glimpses from China

This hotel room service menu has so much to recommend it, it is hard to know what to focus on, but i think my favorite has to be the One-Time Underwater! Would you like some roaisted beet noodle one bowl? Or perhaps one-time underwater for your snoring partner? Or maybe you would like a poker… Continue reading One Time Underwater: Glimpses from China