Believe it or not

I came back last week from a short but enjoyable trip to the US to visit family.  Remarkably, I have come back with No New Fabric!  This was not entirely intentional.  Since my last visit to my mom's, a new quilt shop opened up that is much closer than the ones I usually visit.  It… Continue reading Believe it or not

Fun with Words

Not a quilting post today, though I hope to show the finished background quilting on my current project by tomorrow.  Almost 3/4 done now. I have always loved language and the way that languages can help you see the world in new ways.  Yesterday, while watching some of the tongue-in-cheek videos that have been made… Continue reading Fun with Words

Merry Christmas

Wishing a joyous and peaceful holiday for all! The pictures are from the Sanzen Temple outside Kyoto.  I was there earlier this month and loved its serenity.   Hoping that serenity can be carried forward into the new year!  In the top left photo you can see where people have tied their hopes and prayers for… Continue reading Merry Christmas