Reorganization Inspiration

Last week I heard a crash in the living-dining area, but couldn't identify where the sound had come from.  I knew it wasn't all in my head because the dog was also concerned, but his tracking skills are apparently weak, so we decided to ignore it. A few days later, I opened a cabinet that… Continue reading Reorganization Inspiration

I made some new friends

Last year was a year of many changes for me.  My son headed off for college, I started a new job, and at the end of November, I completed a 15 year term of service on an international board that had required considerable travel, just to mention a few.  The cumulative effect has been much… Continue reading I made some new friends

The Ideal Destination…for Mice?

My Rattlesnake quilt has been calling to me, but so far I have no really had time to work on it at all.  I am almost there though!  I had two China trips this month, and have an intensive week of classes coming up, but once that is done, it will be quilting time! In… Continue reading The Ideal Destination…for Mice?