Where did the time go?

I can't believe it is already mid-April! I haven't been blogging but I have been quilting. I've been working on three projects, all of which have advanced, some more successfully than others. The first project, and the one I have finished with, is a group project that one of the women in my craft group… Continue reading Where did the time go?


It's done! I can't really believe that I have another finish within such a short time. Between using orphan blocks and leftovers from other projects, and the fact that covid has limited evening outings and eliminated travel, I am a far more productive quilter than I ever was before. When I began this quilt, I… Continue reading Concourse

2020 Finish #2

I can't believe I already have another finish, after over two years without any quilting. Like my last quilt, this one is another baby quilt and made with leftovers and scraps of both fabric and batting. Many years ago, when I was quilting fairly large quilts and struggling to manage them under my domestic machine,… Continue reading 2020 Finish #2

Some progress made

My ruler quilt is sandwiched and ready for some experimentation.  I could have gotten started on the actual quilting, but I got distracted.  The first step will be stitch-in-the-ditch around major seam lines using the straight ruler...we shall see if it makes it easier, or if I will be returning to my walking foot for… Continue reading Some progress made

A bit of Improv

Since it has been hard to sit down for extended periods for quilting, I decided to get out my the pile of scraps from recent quilts and make some improv blocks.  Whenever I pass by the sewing machine, I can play with scraps and sew one or two pieces, so I feel like I am… Continue reading A bit of Improv

Oh Good Lord, I actually finished something

This has been a rare occurrence of late.  Every time I think I have gotten on top of things and will spending more time quilting (and blogging), it seems I find myself quickly overwhelmed, without either the time or the energy to pick up my quilting.  This morning I woke up with my work under… Continue reading Oh Good Lord, I actually finished something

Bits and Pieces

I have started working on a backing for my latest quilt, using scraps from the front. I have made a few block centers that I am thinking I will surround with other fabrics from the quilt top.  They vary a bit in size, which may give the blocks a wonkiness that will add interest.  The… Continue reading Bits and Pieces

Finish Along Q2 Has Ended….

This has definitely not been one of my more productive quarters!  I started with a list of only 3 goals, and I have only really more-or-less managed one of them, though I have started on the second!  When I set the goals, I thought the the one I would be most likely to complete would… Continue reading Finish Along Q2 Has Ended….