Background Finished

Finally!  After I got 3/4 of the way through, I realized that the way I was doing the background wasn't really creating the illusion I wanted so I switched to an easier way, allowing quilt lines to cross.  I wish I had 3-4 of these quilts so I could try different approaches to quilting them… Continue reading Background Finished

Slow Quilting

I have seen blogs celebrating slow sewing and an appreciation of the experience of creation.  This is not that kind of slow sewing.  I am half way through...more than half way through! my Chinese New Year break, and I have just today finished my preparations for work next week.  I have made some quilting progress.… Continue reading Slow Quilting

Quilting Begun

I've been inspired to quilt and have made enough progress in my preparations for the coming term that I've actually had time for quilting.  I've started with the background of Dawn to Dusk (or Through the Looking Glass...still can't decide on the name!).  My general idea is to keep the quilting on the background plain… Continue reading Quilting Begun


I had intended to post my finished quilt last week, but a combination of hesitation to post until DS had received it and the interference of work delayed the post.  No one posted a guess on the direction of the quilt based on the very rough base I shared last post, but some of you… Continue reading Revealed

Work in Progress…Thursday

I'm well on my to finishing my latest quilt top, which still needs a name.  After much auditioning of fabric, rearranging, adding new fabrics, removing the same fabrics, adding them back, rearranging again, and general fussing about, I got the effect I want, for the most part. I won't give you a picture of the… Continue reading Work in Progress…Thursday

Quilting has begun

There's not too much yet, but I have ideas about what I will do with the quilting.  I am, of course, unable to do just a simple design.  I am trying to keep it fairly straight forward though!  Possibly something flora in the yellow areas, while allowing the dark green to puff up, then another… Continue reading Quilting has begun

Reorganization Inspiration

Last week I heard a crash in the living-dining area, but couldn't identify where the sound had come from.  I knew it wasn't all in my head because the dog was also concerned, but his tracking skills are apparently weak, so we decided to ignore it. A few days later, I opened a cabinet that… Continue reading Reorganization Inspiration

A Rather Grumpy Wednesday

I envisioned myself making massive quilting progress during Chinese New Year break, but my quilting progress has been slow and somewhat frustrating.  After adding the decorative stitches to the inner border of the Rattlesnake quilt, I added some straight quilting between those lines.  When I started, I made some of the lines of decorative stitching… Continue reading A Rather Grumpy Wednesday