My Quilts


25 thoughts on “My Quilts”

  1. Your quilts are stunning! I am a quilter from back in the day…I learned on traditional patterns and used old-fashioned calico prints, but as I grew in skill, I looked to newer patterns and bolder designs. You’ve married some older patterns with stronger colors and the result is captivating. I especially like the blue and white star quilt, but I am taken by the log cabin design that’s influenced by Amish colors. Well done!


    1. Thanks so much! It is really fun to see the traditional designs transform with new color and fabric choices and modern quilting approaches. Even if you only made one or two patterns, you could make so many entirely different quilts.


  2. First off… these quilts are fabulous! All of them are… but I am enjoying the flower quilt the most. I can see that in a sunroom full of plants and that would be the icing on the cake!
    I am enjoying how your blog is set up… I found you through blogging university 101.
    We did it, we passed our first course!! Good Luck To You! šŸ™‚

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  3. Lori,
    Your Mom sent me your blog, which is great. I especially like the kimono. I have quilted for years but have packed it up for my granddaughter. I taught her to quilt when she visited me in the summers and she loves it. I’m now into beading (seed beads), and really enjoy it. Heard you did the quilt shops in Florida…fun!

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  4. Great Quilts. About doing a binding: That’s why I stitch the binding on the back first and do my aligning on the front where I can make sure the fold is precisely lined up with the stitching from the back and I can see see where I’m stitching on the binding. That small change – starting on the back (not the front) and bringing the binding to the front – makes applying a binding very simple!

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