This is definitely the worst air quality I have encountered in China, even worse than when it was so bad you couldn't see the plane at the gate and all the flights were delayed by several hours.  Air quality on arrival: For pollution of this level, the recommendation is: "Everyone should avoid all physical activity… Continue reading Eek!

I still live!

As some of you may remember (if there is anyone who remembers this blog at all!), in August I started a new job teaching at the University of Hong Kong.  While a quiet month to get used to the new job would have been ideal, the fates had quite a different month in mind.  In… Continue reading I still live!

Blue Skies in Beijing

To fully appreciate how amazing the day is today, you have to see the pictures from my last visit to Beijing.  It was morning.  The sun was up and I was on my way to the airport.  I promise, the sun really was up. As we arrived at the terminal, it was as if it… Continue reading Blue Skies in Beijing