More Stash Additions and Design Dilemmas

My quilt-related mission on this trip was to fill in some gaps in my fabric stash.  I was out or almost out of blacks, whites, and greys, so I needed to restock on those.  But since I love the variation in visual texture that a variety of low-volume fabrics gives to quilt and love to… Continue reading More Stash Additions and Design Dilemmas

Stash Sunday

Though I have been in hiding blog-wise, and quilting has been impossible, I have not forgotten quilting altogether.  I have diligently been working on expanding my stash!  Some of it has been sent directly to Macau, but I do have some here to take out and admire. Here are some of the goodies I picked… Continue reading Stash Sunday

Work Not in Progress Wednesday?

I write this surrounded by fabric, having taken out every piece of fabric in my stash.  I did not intend to redecorate my home with quilting fabric.  No, I started with an enthusiastic desire to get working on my Sweet Sixteen gift quilt, which I envision as having a white or white on white background… Continue reading Work Not in Progress Wednesday?

The Mystery Revealed, as I wait for my award

The mystery location from my last post was the Naples Botanical Gardens in Naples, Florida.  It is an amazing space, with gardens with Brazilian, Caribbean, and Asian themes as well as more typical Florida vegetation and a water garden.  The statues were actually a temporary exhibit -- the next exhibit will be dinosaurs! They also… Continue reading The Mystery Revealed, as I wait for my award