Street Art in Hong Kong

Yesterday a friend showed me around a part of Hong Kong that I have been in, but apparently have never truly seen.  Alleys and side streets were filled with art that had escaped my notice.  Here, I have just added the pure street art, as opposed to art associated with stores that I assumed have… Continue reading Street Art in Hong Kong

In Under the Wire

It's done!  Okay, done except for attaching the quilt label.  I don't always label my quilts, and when I do, I sometimes just quilt something in rather than create a label per se.  But for this quilt for DS, I wanted to try something special.  I used printable fabric I bought a long time ago… Continue reading In Under the Wire

I made some new friends

Last year was a year of many changes for me.  My son headed off for college, I started a new job, and at the end of November, I completed a 15 year term of service on an international board that had required considerable travel, just to mention a few.  The cumulative effect has been much… Continue reading I made some new friends

I still live!

As some of you may remember (if there is anyone who remembers this blog at all!), in August I started a new job teaching at the University of Hong Kong.  While a quiet month to get used to the new job would have been ideal, the fates had quite a different month in mind.  In… Continue reading I still live!

Binding Underway!

After arriving back home in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I spent the rest of the day finishing the quilting on Which Way Do I Go, trying to recover from lack of sleep, and nursing the toe I broke two days before I left the US (seriously bad timing -- I had to manage… Continue reading Binding Underway!