Off Again

By the time this is posted, I will probably be on an airplane on my way to a meeting, or maybe I will be recovering from the flight.  Last time I was in the airport in Hong Kong, I was struck by how interesting the various designs on the airplanes were and I took some… Continue reading Off Again

Words and the Serendipity of the Internet

Since picking up quilting again, I spend time every day (probably too much time!) browsing quilt-related blogs.  I enjoy many more posts and quilts than I comment on.    But when I do comment, I find myself repeating the same words and phrases.  Beautiful! Gorgeous! Striking!  Where is that vocabulary I supposedly developed at college?  Where… Continue reading Words and the Serendipity of the Internet

Engrish As She is Spoken

A friend of mine found the book English as She is Spoke years ago. It was a guide to English written by an Portuguese gentleman who apparently spoke no English himself but used a French-Portuguese dictionary and an French-English phrsae book to make his own guide to English.  As you can imagine, it is full… Continue reading Engrish As She is Spoken

Dear Sewing Machine,

How can I put this?  We need to talk. In any good relationship, no matter how close, there are differences of habit and opinion that can cause unhappiness, and I feel it is about time I share some of the thoughts and feelings I have been hiding.  I hope you will take them in the… Continue reading Dear Sewing Machine,