Reorganization Inspiration

Last week I heard a crash in the living-dining area, but couldn't identify where the sound had come from.  I knew it wasn't all in my head because the dog was also concerned, but his tracking skills are apparently weak, so we decided to ignore it. A few days later, I opened a cabinet that… Continue reading Reorganization Inspiration

July Quilt Inspiration

What happened to Quilt Inspiration in May and June?!  I have been collecting pictures and links to inspiring quilts, but my Quilt Inspiration feature got lost in the craziness of life.  Unfortunately, those pictures are all on my home computer and I am currently on my Surface.  Luckily though, there are plenty of inspirational quilts… Continue reading July Quilt Inspiration

A Quilt for the Year of the Goat?

I had a meeting today in my son's old school and saw these on the wall.  What amazing creativity!   Wouldn't some of those make wonderful quilts?  I particularly love the red goat filled with purple triangles on the left and the wild one to the upper right of it.  How about you?  Any particularly… Continue reading A Quilt for the Year of the Goat?

Quilt Inspiration, January 2015: Some Color to Warm the Winter Air

I have been taking Blogging 101 at, and it has been a lot of fun.  Today's assignment, the last in the course, is to create a regular feature.  I've decided to do a regular quilt inspiration post, in the last week of every month.  Sometimes the emphasis will be color, other times quilting, sometimes… Continue reading Quilt Inspiration, January 2015: Some Color to Warm the Winter Air


Since I started quilting again a few months ago, my morning routine has a new element.  I sit on the couch, coffee in hand, and browse through quilting blogs and Pinterest posts imagining future quilts.  Soon there are multiple tabs open on my browser, each containing one -- or several -- pictures of inspiring quilts.   … Continue reading Voices