Liking this so far!

I've been filling in the spaces in my quilt.  It's fun because it is going quite quickly and I am seeing the quilt take shape.  Here's where I am now: I wish I had put another channel in between the bubbles in the ghost diamond and the 'headband' portion, but I would have had to… Continue reading Liking this so far!

Quilting Begun

I've been inspired to quilt and have made enough progress in my preparations for the coming term that I've actually had time for quilting.  I've started with the background of Dawn to Dusk (or Through the Looking Glass...still can't decide on the name!).  My general idea is to keep the quilting on the background plain… Continue reading Quilting Begun

Where did August go?

[WARNING:  If you are my son and reading this, TURN BACK NOW!  Do not scroll down.  Do not read on!  Do not pass go!  Do not collect $200.  GO DIRECTLY BACK to whatever else you were browsing! Sorry about the $200.]     I have been thinking about posting since last week, but was completely… Continue reading Where did August go?

Bits and Pieces

I have started working on a backing for my latest quilt, using scraps from the front. I have made a few block centers that I am thinking I will surround with other fabrics from the quilt top.  They vary a bit in size, which may give the blocks a wonkiness that will add interest.  The… Continue reading Bits and Pieces

Work in Progress…Thursday

I'm well on my to finishing my latest quilt top, which still needs a name.  After much auditioning of fabric, rearranging, adding new fabrics, removing the same fabrics, adding them back, rearranging again, and general fussing about, I got the effect I want, for the most part. I won't give you a picture of the… Continue reading Work in Progress…Thursday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Block centers continue to multiply.  In fact, I think I may almost have enough.  I'll count them tomorrow.  In addition to my block centers, I have this pile of scraps: Most of them are just strips of a single fabric, but some are more interesting: The sizes are all odd, but I am thinking I… Continue reading Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress and Goal Setting

It's time for July goal setting for the OMG (One Monthly Goal) linkup, and I am getting in under the wire.  My goal for this month is to finish all the block centers for my latest quilt, which has yet to get a name.  With any luck I will get a bit further than just… Continue reading Work in Progress and Goal Setting