Diamonds in Progress

I'm enjoying working on my Bordered Diamond quilt.  The blocks are easy to put together and I love the fabrics. I use electric quilt to help me design quilts and play with fabrics but for for this quilt, for some reason I was not seeing how to set up the quilt so I could play… Continue reading Diamonds in Progress

Work In Progress Wednesday: Sweet 16 Scrap Quilt Progress

The quilting is starting to take shape on my Sweet 16 double-sided quilt, and I actually got some pictures of it in better light.  In the sweet 16 blocks and the shadow blocks created by the 16 patches on the other side, I am doing dense quilting, but in the large negative spaces, my plan… Continue reading Work In Progress Wednesday: Sweet 16 Scrap Quilt Progress

Another Stage Done: Sweet Sixteen Scrap Quilt

Wednesday I posted my Sweet 16 scrap top.  It will be a two-in-one quilt, with complementary designs on the 'front' and 'back' of the quilt.  I was really excited to finish up the back...then I realized I had sewn the final section on upside down....Ripping and resewing followed, and now I can say it is… Continue reading Another Stage Done: Sweet Sixteen Scrap Quilt

My March Goals

March is here, and it is time to set another goal for my Lovely Year of Finishes.  This month my goal is fairly easy -- I'll finish up my Nightmare quilt (in the header) that is just waiting for binding.  Or a bit more quilting and then binding if I decide to add quilting to… Continue reading My March Goals

A Scrappy Confession

Some secrets are hard to share.  You wonder how people will respond.  If they will reject you.  Will you still have friends once they know?  But the time is come for me to admit the truth. I do not really love scrap quilts. There I said it. I can only hope I will not immediately… Continue reading A Scrappy Confession

Home and Quilting

I made it home after my unreasonably long journey, and finally had a chance to get back to my sewing machine.  At 4 am.  Since jetlag had me awake, I figured I might a well get quilting.  I am happy to be home and back sewing! I wanted to get the background quilting for my… Continue reading Home and Quilting

And we have a finish!

Circles, Revisited is bound and the quilt inspector has given it his seal of approval.  I'm really happy with how it came out, though I do wish I had made it a bit larger.  On a cold day, and if I pull it up as far as I would like to, my feet stick out. … Continue reading And we have a finish!

Work in Progress Wednesday and this Month’s Goal

I showed a peak of this small wall hanging in a previous post. Probably at least 5 years ago, before my quilting hiatus, I happened to be visiting my brother when Diane Gaudynski was offering a workshop in his city. If anyone isn't familiar with her, she makes unbelievably detailed traditional quilts on a domestic… Continue reading Work in Progress Wednesday and this Month’s Goal