Finish #2 for 2017

It didn't take long to finish up my wall hanging. That is an advantage of small quilts!  And here's the finish, though I still haven't given it a final press.  You can see the Quilt Inspector's paws as he looks over my work: This quilt was my first attempt at ruler work. I used Bernina's… Continue reading Finish #2 for 2017

I think the quilting is done…

Here's where I am: The original idea was to fill the outer channel with circles, the way I have done around the diamonds.  I am debating whether to do that or just leave it as it is.  Any opinions? My original plan was to make a loop to continue the curvy part of the border… Continue reading I think the quilting is done…

Liking this so far!

I've been filling in the spaces in my quilt.  It's fun because it is going quite quickly and I am seeing the quilt take shape.  Here's where I am now: I wish I had put another channel in between the bubbles in the ghost diamond and the 'headband' portion, but I would have had to… Continue reading Liking this so far!

Where I am now

The weekend is barely started, and I have already gotten more quilting time in than in the previous month or two.  My ruler work experiment has started.  Here's what I have so far. The next stage will be to fill in the areas I want to be quilted down with some free motion filler designs… Continue reading Where I am now

Oh Good Lord, I actually finished something

This has been a rare occurrence of late.  Every time I think I have gotten on top of things and will spending more time quilting (and blogging), it seems I find myself quickly overwhelmed, without either the time or the energy to pick up my quilting.  This morning I woke up with my work under… Continue reading Oh Good Lord, I actually finished something

Background Finished

Finally!  After I got 3/4 of the way through, I realized that the way I was doing the background wasn't really creating the illusion I wanted so I switched to an easier way, allowing quilt lines to cross.  I wish I had 3-4 of these quilts so I could try different approaches to quilting them… Continue reading Background Finished

Slow Quilting

I have seen blogs celebrating slow sewing and an appreciation of the experience of creation.  This is not that kind of slow sewing.  I am half way through...more than half way through! my Chinese New Year break, and I have just today finished my preparations for work next week.  I have made some quilting progress.… Continue reading Slow Quilting

Quilting Begun

I've been inspired to quilt and have made enough progress in my preparations for the coming term that I've actually had time for quilting.  I've started with the background of Dawn to Dusk (or Through the Looking Glass...still can't decide on the name!).  My general idea is to keep the quilting on the background plain… Continue reading Quilting Begun