Street Art in Hong Kong

Yesterday a friend showed me around a part of Hong Kong that I have been in, but apparently have never truly seen.  Alleys and side streets were filled with art that had escaped my notice.  Here, I have just added the pure street art, as opposed to art associated with stores that I assumed have… Continue reading Street Art in Hong Kong


This is definitely the worst air quality I have encountered in China, even worse than when it was so bad you couldn't see the plane at the gate and all the flights were delayed by several hours.  Air quality on arrival: For pollution of this level, the recommendation is: "Everyone should avoid all physical activity… Continue reading Eek!

Merry Christmas

Wishing a joyous and peaceful holiday for all! The pictures are from the Sanzen Temple outside Kyoto.  I was there earlier this month and loved its serenity.   Hoping that serenity can be carried forward into the new year!  In the top left photo you can see where people have tied their hopes and prayers for… Continue reading Merry Christmas

The Home of Confucius

I have spent the last few days in Qufu, Shandong, China, where Confucius was born, attending the Nishan Forum Dialogue on World Civilizations, which this year focused on Traditional Cultures and Ecological Progress.  There was a sub-forum on Women and Civilization, which was held in an amazing location -- the Nishan Academy.  It is hard… Continue reading The Home of Confucius

Just a quick word

There has been a dearth of blogging lately, and also of quilting.  Other things have been taking up my time, including a great visit from a close friend and her husband and some traveling.  I will be back!  But in the meantime, I may be sharing some isolated pictures.  Today is Macau. Trying to get… Continue reading Just a quick word

Gyeongju, Korea

Mary had the right guess with Korea!  The building  I showed is the exhibition hall from the World Culture Expo Park in Gyeongju, Korea.  The central cutout shape reproduces the Hwangnyongsa Buddhist temple, which was built in the 7th century by the rulers of the Silla Kingdom.  The temple itself was made entirely of wood… Continue reading Gyeongju, Korea

Glimpses: Lijiang, Yunnan, China

I spent last week visiting some community based organizations in Yunnan, and stayed in the Old City in Lijiang, far north in Yunnan Province.   Yunnan is known for its many ethnic minorities, many of which are matriarchal.  I find the dynamics in the villages to be different from those in the north which are traditionally… Continue reading Glimpses: Lijiang, Yunnan, China