There is work in progress

I've been looking forward to the weekend when I would have time to quilt. I've had at least three projects in mind in recent weeks. As you enter my flat, you can see a wall with a hanger for quilts. I've had the quilt hanger for some time, but there was nowhere to put it… Continue reading There is work in progress

I think the quilting is done…

Here's where I am: The original idea was to fill the outer channel with circles, the way I have done around the diamonds.  I am debating whether to do that or just leave it as it is.  Any opinions? My original plan was to make a loop to continue the curvy part of the border… Continue reading I think the quilting is done…

Some progress made

My ruler quilt is sandwiched and ready for some experimentation.  I could have gotten started on the actual quilting, but I got distracted.  The first step will be stitch-in-the-ditch around major seam lines using the straight ruler...we shall see if it makes it easier, or if I will be returning to my walking foot for… Continue reading Some progress made

Two Potential Projects

Dawn to Dusk is folded and sitting on a table, waiting for me to get back to it, but I have two additional projects calling my name.  The first is my ruler quilting project.  I wanted something simple so I could experiment with the rulers I bought, so I started digging through scraps and orphan… Continue reading Two Potential Projects

A bit of Improv

Since it has been hard to sit down for extended periods for quilting, I decided to get out my the pile of scraps from recent quilts and make some improv blocks.  Whenever I pass by the sewing machine, I can play with scraps and sew one or two pieces, so I feel like I am… Continue reading A bit of Improv

Background Finished

Finally!  After I got 3/4 of the way through, I realized that the way I was doing the background wasn't really creating the illusion I wanted so I switched to an easier way, allowing quilt lines to cross.  I wish I had 3-4 of these quilts so I could try different approaches to quilting them… Continue reading Background Finished

One Monthly Goal for September

Last month I managed to make my One Monthly Goal, but once again I missed posting the finish.  I should probably give up on trying to join goal setting parties, but I'll give it one more go. I would love to do more work on Dawn to Dusk, but my first priority this month is… Continue reading One Monthly Goal for September