Not long ago, I got an idea for a quilt that I am hoping to make in time for a small craft exhibit in February. I envision multiple stars, from simple to complex, with both repetition and variation of the elements that make up the stars. Clear as mud, I'm sure, but in my head… Continue reading Stars


It's done! I can't really believe that I have another finish within such a short time. Between using orphan blocks and leftovers from other projects, and the fact that covid has limited evening outings and eliminated travel, I am a far more productive quilter than I ever was before. When I began this quilt, I… Continue reading Concourse

Quilt Top Done

I've finished up the quilt top, which I am calling Concourse (to be explained later when it is done). I might have added a bit to the length to improve the proportions...but I have run out of the white background fabric. There aren't very many quilt shops in Israel, and fabric is quite expensive. I… Continue reading Quilt Top Done

2020 Finish #2

I can't believe I already have another finish, after over two years without any quilting. Like my last quilt, this one is another baby quilt and made with leftovers and scraps of both fabric and batting. Many years ago, when I was quilting fairly large quilts and struggling to manage them under my domestic machine,… Continue reading 2020 Finish #2

Hello Again

I'm not sure anyone who used to read this blog still checks it, but on the off chance someone does, I'm back! Two years and three months! That's how long it has been since my last post, and even longer since i last posted a quilt I made. In the interim, just when I thought… Continue reading Hello Again