Entry 2, Small Quilt Category

I’ve had a very hard time choosing my second entry for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, both in terms of which quilt to enter and which category to enter it in.  I’ve finally decided on Kaleidoscope Path, which I am entering in the Small Quilt Category.

Kaleidoscope Path


This quilt is made entirely from 2 fabrics — the black background fabric and one symmetrical print that was used to make all the kaleidoscopes. I had great fun trying out all kinds of free-motion motifs on this quilt. Instead of a traditional binding, I faced it, a technique I really liked and will try again.  After I finished it, I found myself looking back at it for quilt motif ideas, so I was tempted to keep it as a reference, but eventually I decided to gift it to my son’s friends. Hopefully they will enjoy it!

There are still a few days left for entries to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival to go up.  In addition to the winners in each category, there will be a viewer’s choice award.  Head  on over to check out the quilts in various categories and vote for your favorites when voting opens on May 22.




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  1. Reblogged this on poroshanko and commented:
    Clearly you do your blog with heart.

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  2. This is incredible! I can hardly believe it’s only two fabrics! I ale all the quilting on the black background, fabulous!

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  3. I’m impressed by your industry in entering another quilt, and by your quilt. Is that Paula Nadelstern fabric?

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  4. Beautifully simple composition to concentrate your FMQ expression. I had a hard time believing the circular piecings were from one fabric!

    Sometimes I find it hard giving away something I’ve poured so much in to, but it looks like this quilt has found a loving home. I would feel good about placing it with your son’s friends!

    Just have to mention how much I admire your blog layout and format. Clean, colorful graphics really appeal to me. I’ve even debated jumping ship from Blogger.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

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  5. Such a fun quilt! Those kaleidoscopes are gorgeous and all the different quilting patterns add such a nice texture and background.

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  6. Amazing quilting! The kaleidoscopes are wonderful!

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  7. Best of luck. All your quilts are winners, but I really like the two you chose.

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  8. I love your kaleidoscopes! They are done so beautifully!

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  9. Great idea! Kaleidoscope and amazing quilting! Congrats 🙂 My voice is yours!!!

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  10. What a great quilt! Well done!

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  11. I love the combination of the circles and the blocks. Great quilting, and I like the different colors. Nice work!

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  12. Beautiful work – the piecing and the quilting. Love it! Best of luck in the Festival.

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  13. Lovely lovely work here! How unusual to quilt it the way you did. Have long admired Paula Nadelstern’s work; took a class in Edmonton about 10 years ago from one of her protégées who was ‘certified’ to teach her methods. Need to make more of these! Your fur kid in the one pic is a handsome model 🙂

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    • Haha. He was feeling rather mistreated because I would not let him sit on the quilt! How lucky you were to have done a class on Paula Nadelstern’s methods. I based this on a quilt in The Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.


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