Which Way Do I Go?

My flying geese quilt top is basically finished. I was originally going to add a small border, per this design below from EQ.  completed top 2Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of the blue/green fabrics and did not like the look in other fabrics I did have enough of, so it will stay unbordered.  Instead, I have decided to bind the quilt using the darker yellow fabrics, which will hopefully add just enough extra color to it.

Original Flying Geese DesignFor quilting, I am thinking of keeping it very linear and geometric.  Straight lines that bounce off the triangles, ghost geese.

Yesterday I put together a backing with larger cuts of fabrics in similar tones to the ones on the front of the quilt.  My recent quilts have looked more like secondary quilts than quilt backs, but this one is very utilitarian.  I want to keep the feeling light and cool, so I used a couple of fabrics I really like that would have been great for future quilts.  Do you ever have that dilemma?  Save the fabric for an unknown future project, or use it now in something that does not really showcase it?  As I was searching for quilt back material I realized I have so much fabric that no longer really appeals to me.  That tipped the scale for me.  Use it now while I still like it!

This quilt will be my Lovely Year of Finishes June goal (Number 60 on the goal list), though I am not all that confident that I will make it.  Linking this up to Can I Get A Whoop Whoop and Off the Wall Friday.

P.S.  I have noticed in today’s link ups that there are many blogs hosted on blogspot.  If your blog is on blogspot and you have liked or commented on one of my posts, I will be visiting back, but lately it has been impossible to comment on blogspot blogs from WordPress. I am not sure what is happening, but unless I log out of all google related accounts, stand on one foot and make a wish on a shooting star, comments do not go through (I get no option to show I am not a robot).  I’ve enjoyed many blogs that I wished to comment on, and would if I could.  Hopefully Blogger and WordPress will start to play nice soon.

15 thoughts on “Which Way Do I Go?”

  1. Very pretty! I’ve been holding out, trying to delay buying this collection, but it’s hard. I like what you’ve done with the smaller groups of geese. Use it while you like it is a great way to go.

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    1. This is the first time I have bought a collection and then used it in one quilt (though I added some fabrics). I am planning buy some more to replenish what I have used. There really are some great patterns.


  2. I like your quilt very, very much. It’s clean, sleak, modern and relaxing. I know what you mean about using the fabric while you are still in love with it. I’ve got some Asian inspired fabrics I loved when I bought them but not so much anymore because they are very dark and I’m into light and airy now.
    Oh Blogger blogs are so annoying – Google has gone ott with their way of restricting comments. You really have to be Google+ and let go of all privacy protection if you want to comment on those blogs. Blogspot bloggers loose out and I feel so sorry for those who try to make a living out of blogging


  3. Oh, the dilemma of whether to save that fabric, or use it on a back. My way of solving this puzzle is to ask myself if the quilt will be used on a lap or a wall. If the former, then I have no problem with putting that fabric on the back. Someone will be seeing it often. And I often have problems leaving comments on blogs that use blogger.

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  4. i am the kinda artist that will spend time piecing a quilt back cause it is more interesting to me and any other person seeing it, uses up fabric that might never see the light of day and i don’t have to leave the building! i have made two sided guilt s for decades and will continue as it is a fun and loose creative way to make do with what you have and express yourself- all in one swell swoop!

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  5. I love the idea behind this design – had a look at your other posts and you are really producing some stunning work!

    When I was doing the A-Z challenge half the blogs were on blogspot and I totally agree with you – its almost impossible to leave any comments – and it seems from the lack of replies to any comments I made, they can’t get into WordPress blogs either! They don’t even have a like button, which I found really annoying.

    There’s really no reason for these two systems to be competitive in this way!

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