Finally, A Friday Finish: Which Way Do I Go

I think I may have let the alliteration get a bit out of hand there.  I am happy to finally have a finish to share though.  Here’s my flying geese quilt, fully quilted and bound.  I’m calling it, Which Way Do I Go, which seems a very appropriate name of late.  It looks a bit more wavy than it actually is.  I washed it with the intention of blocking it, and then forgot completely about it.  A helpful soul took it out of the washing machine and hung it up to dry, using clips to hang it on wire hangers.  By the time I remembered it, the quilt was almost completely dry and somewhat distorted.  I am sure if I wet it again and actually lay it flat to dry, it will be fine.

Which Way Do I GoThe texture came out pretty well, if I do say so myself.  Part of the reason that the texture shows is that i used a few different threads.  Looking at them (below), you would think they would stand out too much against the fabrics, but all of them somehow blended in.  I think that even though overall the thread blends in overall, the quilting stands out where the thread color changes.

main threadsAll of the geese are free motion quilted.  You can see the threads used in the feature picture. Here’s a bit more detail of the quilting and a picture of the quilt back, which used a selection of fabrics that I thought went together with the quilt top reasonably well.

This quilt was my Lovely Year of Finishes August goal, and it was goal number on my 2015 Quilt Along Q3 goals list.  I’m linking it up to Sara at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, to TGIFF, and to Finish Along Friday.  Go chek them out. there is a lot to see!



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  1. This one is crunchy with texture, which will add to the enjoyment of using it. I can’t recall if you said what kind of batting you used, but as you know that can certainly affect how a quilt washes up. While the waves are fun, you might want to tame them a bit. So bravo, you go into your new job with a finish, and a very nice one.

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  2. This is such a lovely finish with a wonderful colour palette. How would you block a quilt?

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    • I’ve actually never done it so this was to be an experiment, but basically you get it wet, then lay it flat and pull it to get it square. As it dries it will keep the shape. I think it could help the unevenness that can come with different densities of quilting across the quilt.


  3. You have done a lovely job on the quilting. Well done!

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  4. I love your quilt. The quilting design pulls your eye all over the quilt, so we can see the fabrics and pops of color. Your quilting is perfect for this design.

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  5. Congrats on your finish! I think the quilting looks amazing.

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  6. Gorgeous! Love the colors you used and the texture looks awesome.

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  7. I LOVE this quilt – the design, the fabrics and your quilting! Beautiful work.

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  8. Love the texture that all the changes in quilting give this quilt. Great job!

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  9. That is a very pretty and calming quilt. You’d think with so much movement in the design, it would be more exciting – I guess it’s the colors that are so calming? But I love it. A work of art.

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  10. First, I’m surprised I wasn’t already following you, but that is fixed now. 🙂 Second, this is a really wonderful quilt. Your use of shape and placement and value make it really fun to look at and give it a lot of movement. And the quilting makes it a stand-out with the wonderful layer of texture. Very very good. Congrats!

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  11. SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!

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  12. I love how you used all the different colors of thread–I have never tried that before. The texture of the quilting is stunning!

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  13. What a stunning quilt you have made. The quilting using the different colours works perfectly.

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  14. there is a huge amount of work in this piece – and its turned out lovely – just needs a dump in the water and ironed out – smile

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  15. Great job! Love the pattern, colors selected and the dense quilting.

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